Whenever you think about Log management tools, there is a lot of tools in the market, but not every tool is user-friendly and easy to navigate and learn. In recent years, Splunk and Elastic Search are two powerful log management (SIEM) highly scalable and robust tools. I encounter questions all the time, whether Splunk vs. Elasticsearch, which one provides better options while Enterprise decides to deploy SIEM Solutions.


What is Elasticsearch


Elastic Search is an open-Source distributed RESTful log Search Engine compose of Logstash and Kibana combine to provide powerful log search alternative to Splunk. Elasticsearch has a lot of open-source plug-in-play compare with Splunk Enterprise come up with a hefty price


What is Splunk


 According to Splunk, is google like Search, which provides Enterprise to search anything like google while coming to Log management. Splunk has a lot of paid powerful tools and support. Splunk SE comes with a pre-built and pre-configured feature, which allows the user to create a map, data visualization, and pre-load wizard to create custom map compare with Elastic Search does not come, pre-load wizard, you have to configure a lot of plug-ins manually.

In-short, when coming to data analytics and log management, Splunk and Elasticsearch are very Comphrehsive tools. If you are looking to integrate both solutions and need consultants, let us help you to architect and design your Next SIEM Solutions.