Cybersecurity Solutions

By Use Cases

DeshCyber unleashes the value of your security approach to achieve organization objectives as well as provide you unique set of use cases to determine which solutions are most suitable for you.

Protect your applications and data at On-prem as well as cloud applications access.

Protect your EndPoint data with confident on-prem and cloud infrastructure

Receive all the benefits of security orchestration, automation, and response – get comprehensive security guidelines on DevOpsSec.

Industry Solutions

Understand how we solve the unique cybersecurity challenges for healthcare, financial, manufacturing, retail, government agencies, and educational institutions.

While there are a multitude of cyberattacks that hit financial institutions, ransomware and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are common. Attackers disrupt your services and while you investigate, they steal money from your accounts.

As more IoT smart manufacturing technology connects to the internet, more cyber vulnerabilities will be exploited by companies engaging in global industrial espionage. Know where to look to help prevent and detect attackers trying to steal trade secrets and customers.

Receive all the benefits of security orchestration, automation, and response – provided as a managed service.Medical identity theft, IoT security threats, and ransomware all contribute to security breaches in healthcare organizations. Understand vulnerabilities in your existing systems and implement new technologies to meet meaningful use requirements.

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