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Our Security Consultant and risk management team will help you to navigate your compliancegoals to achieve
faster and enhance security measurements.

DeshCyber solutions will keeprisk at acceptable levels by implementing appropriate controls. Leverage these tools to effectively support business areas in their duty to comply with relevant laws, regulations, and internal procedures. 

SWIFT-CSP Overview

In 2016, SWIFT introduced its Customer Security  Programme (CSP)  a dedicated programme to support customers in reinforcing the security of their SWIFT-related infrastructure. The CSP addresses  three key aspects: the security and protection of customers  local environments, preventing and  detecting fraud in their counter party relationships,  and working together as a community to prevent. future cyber-attacks. This programme includes  the introduction of mandatory customer security controls, new services to help customers prevent  and detect fraudulent activity, and community-wide. information sharing initiatives to strengthen defense through the exchange of intelligence information.

PCI-DSS Compliance  Overview 

The PCI Security Standards Council’s mission is to enhance globalpayment account data security by developing standards andsupporting services that drive education, awareness, and practicalimplementation by stakeholders.


The security of cardholder data affects everybody.

Breach of card-holder data affects the entire payment ecosystem or financial institutions;their credit can be negatively affected-- there is enormous personal information fallout.Every merchant and financial institution loses credibility, and it leads the subject tonumerous financial liabilities.

If you are not compliant and have enhanced security in place, it could lead to yourorganization following.

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ISO 2700 Overview

An ISMS( Information security management system) is a systematic approach to secure your sensitive data to keep secure. It includes Employees, processes, and methods by implementing a strategic risk management process. ISMS helps small, medium, and large businesses in any sector keep information assets secure.



The benefit of ISMS :

  • ISO Framework will handle all legal and regulatory requirements

  • It provides your ability to demonstrate and independently to assure internal control of your organization.

  • Helps provide a competitive edge to stay abreast of compliance & standard Formalizes and independently verifies, Information Security processes, procedures, and documentation

  • Sole verifications of risk to your organization. 

  • Provide integrity and authenticity of the security program to achieve industry standard

  • IT helps you to identify and meet contractual as well as regulatory requirements

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Accelerate your business with confident and recognized by industry standard council .

Accelerate your business with confident and recognized by industry standard council .

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