Penetration Testing Services

Test your applications, networks, hardware, personnel and more to uncover and fix vulnerabilities exposing your most important assets

ATM Testing

Our team does not stop once your machine is being Vulnerable, and we identify your ATM,s vulnerabilities to a remediable action plan, so you and your customer’s Sensitive data remain protected.

Database Testing

DeshCyber team who are Applications and Security experts can test your database environment; the entire testing environment includes reviewing web and mobile applications that interact with your database suites.

Application Testing

We offer custom application testing web, mobile, blockchain, and IOT bases applications as well. Each testing results provide with reporting capabilities.

Network Testing

Network devices are a critical asset for your IT infrastructure, and those devices are your first point perimeter defense. Deshcyber Penetration testing service will explore all vulnerability exist in modern network devices include Firewall, IPS/IDS , DLP ,Router , Switches, and more…

Find Vulnerability before hacker find it.

Sofiscated security breaches have become common routine. Yet, many business organization relies on tools-based assessments, which fail to identify unknown vulnerabilities. If your organization one of them we can help you.

Reduce Human-Centric Risk

Human is the weakest link in an organization’s security. It is very completed to determine the risk of human behavior, and its often true that once the human has access to physical access to a device like a router, firewall, endpoint , and applications, where is risk relies on.



How we work

Our penetration testing services are curated to mimic real world threat scenarios. Our Pentesting professionals replicate the strategies, methods and actions used by actual attackers to ascertain the durability and robustness of your cyber-security system.

Our Pentesting services approach your security systematically in order to reveal any hidden weaknesses. Our approach to developing the security of your defenses works as per the following steps:



Information Analysis

In this step our professionals gather the requisite information about your digital assets



Susceptibility Analysis

Here, our experts analyze your defenses for weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and determine how they can be exploited to break your protective shields.



Result Assessment

This involves enumerating and analyzing the performance of your defense system against the simulated attacks. Any vulnerability found is then dealt with promptly as per requirement.


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