How ISO 27001 Works?
In the modern, cyber-based business environment, all organizations have a number of information security controls in place. But, in the absence of well-developed ISMS, these controls can become somewhat haphazard. In most cases, these security controls focus more on digital data security and leave non-digital data more vulnerable.

The ISO 27001 standard requires that the company management thoroughly examine all information security risks related to the organization. They need to take into account all threats, discover and document vulnerabilities, and assess potential impacts of the same.

After the risks have been recognized, the standard requires the creation and implementation of a well-organized and comprehensive set of information security controls. These should be such that they can take care of the organization’s regular information security needs.

Along with that, the organization is also required to adopt management processes that ensure the continued viability of the security controls put in place. Here it must be remembered that ISO 27001 does not deal with only IT, but goes above and beyond digital to achieve a comprehensive information security structure.

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