What is DAST?

Dynamic Application Security  Testing

Dynamic Applications Security testing ( DAST) allows the Applications security team to run an automated process to find web applications vulnerability through a simulated cyber attack. This type of Testing approach evaluates the application from the " outside-in" or external attacking an application as a malicious user would.

Advantage of DAST Test:

  • Its independent/Isolate of the applications 
  • Dynamically find vulnerabilities that can exploit 
  • DAST Scanner does not need to access Source code 

 The disadvantage of DAST Test:

  • DAST cannot find the exact location of vulnerability in the code.
  • Dept Security knowledge is required to interpret the outcome.
  • The test can be time-consuming. 

There are plenty of Vendors dominant in the DAST market since the DevOps team's applications and Apps testing continue to be the most challenging organization process.

There are many ways to test applications security, including 

  • Static Applications Security Testing (SAST)
  • Dynamic Applications Security Testing ( DAST)
  • Mobile Applications Security Testing ( MAST)
  • Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST)

How does DAST work?

A DAST scanner searches for vulnerabilities in a live/stage application. It then sends automated alerts if the scanner finds flaws like SQL injections or Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), and more. Most DAST tools load with dynamic function to find vulnerabilities and tools automated to detect runtime flaws SAST tools can not identify.

Why do you need a DAST tool?

In general, Web application attack does not become the headline, unlike ransomware exploit attack. One of the most web-based attacks is SQL injections, in which attackers are capable of getting adversary control over Web applications. Another is cross-site scripting ( XSS), where attackers inject their custom code into web applications.

Nowadays, running a web-based attack is very simple due to the automated script is available internet. DAST tools allow security and development teams timely visibility into applications behavior and potential applications weakness, which could exploit before an enterprising hacker discover and capitalize on them.

Let's get your application Security testing done today before the attacker finds the next vulnerabilities to your applications.

Author: Deshcyber Apps Team
February 19, 2021

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