What is endpoint security

What is endpoint security

The next innovation in endpoint security uses a preventive form of protection coupled with a new set of response capabilities and constant detection. Bloated agents from consumer CPU resources that are valuable are removed when cloud-based analytics is used, and this helps to secure businesses and also help employees with the job assigned to them.

Rapid time to detection, architectural integrations, and continuous monitoring are part of the solution provided by the next-generation endpoint security. It is very important to use an effective endpoint solution because of the increased rate of threat and advance attack.

What type of endpoint solution do I need?

Cybercriminals are very current on the latest news in the cybersecurity world so that they can develop a more harmful attack that is capable of evading the best antivirus. EPP and EDR are combined together and it assists organizations and businesses to get EPP for a preventive protection solution and also to get an EDR for the detection and investigative features.

How does a next-generation endpoint solution work?

The next-generation endpoint security uses a technique that depends on the cloud to gain access to the newest threat intelligence without asking the security administrator for manual updates. The use of the next-generation endpoint solution makes responses faster and more automated. Files and applications which get in the user’s network are constantly managed and monitored.

Types of endpoint security 

Endpoint protection platform (EPP)

This can also be called a preventive tool that does point-in-time protection by monitoring and scanning all the files that get into the user’s network. The traditional antivirus solution is the most common endpoint security solution that comprises antimalware capabilities that are developed to keep away attacks that depend on a signature. The antivirus scans any file that enters the network for any signature that is related to any harmful file that is contained in the database of the threat intelligence.

Endpoint detection and remediation (EDR)

This is more than simple point-in-time detection. EDR solution monitors all files and application that gets into a device constantly. Therefore, EDR solutions can give a clear picture and evaluation of all the threat investigation. Cyber threats that are more than a signature-based attack can be detected by the EDR solution.

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Author: DeshCyber Security Engineer
April 03, 2020

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