What is Spam & Phishing Email

What is spam?

Phishing and spam are both parts of social engineering, and this is the name given to any activity in which cyber criminals try to deceive people into sharing their personal information such as login details, social security numbers, and credit card details to them.


What is phishing?

Phishing attacks make when fraudulent messages send, and they appear to be from a trusted source or organization. This act is done through emails because the aim is to either attack the victim’s system, steal important personal information such as password and credit card details. It is a form of cyberattack that everybody needs to educate about so they can know the most appropriate way to secure valuable information from attacks

How do spam and phishing work?

People send out spam emails majorly for business, just like a means of advertising. Although some people feel the method is unreasonable. A business owner can afford to send to so many people because it is extremely cheap to send a spam email.  Cybercriminals can also access people’s computers through spam email.


Phishing begins when a dubious email writes to deceive people because the message will design in such a way that the targeted victim will feel it is from a trusted source. The victim is deceived into giving out his or her personal information on a website through a redirected link, thereby downloading malware on the victim’s system. The users must verify the sending of these emails before downloading or clicking any link attached to this email because they might contain malicious content.

How do I prevent spam and phishing attacks?

Cybercriminals use email as bait and it contains malware. Below are some steps to follow for protection against spam email and phishing attacks.

It is difficult to manage the numerous email threats and advanced attack that comes in every day. Therefore, a reliable and effective cybersecurity solution is needed to face these attacks.

Author: DeshCyber Security Engineer
April 01, 2020

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