What is Network Security

 What is Network Security

This can be defined as anything done to keep the principle of your network and data :

•    It prevents attacks from gaining access to your network
•    It comprises software and hardware technologies

•    Impactful networks security helps protect unnecessary entrance into the network

•    It helps identify various cyber threats.

How does network security work?

Several defense systems at the entrance and in the network are added to each other by the network security. Different policies and controls are used by each of the network security layers. Cybercriminals are denied access while authorized users are allowed to access the resources in the network.

How do I benefit from network security?

Advance in technology has changed the world we live in, all our activities as humans have changed. All services rendered by an organization to either an employee or customers must properly secure its network. Property information can be kept safe by network security.

Types of network security

Access control

Every device must be known so as to keep out all attackers. This will allow the user to block out all unauthorized access to the system. This process is called network access control (NAC).

Antivirus and anti-malware software

Malware is worms, ransomware, trojans, spyware and viruses which might attack a network but be redundant for some time. An effective antimalware software continuous scan files for anything that is different from normal in the file. It identifies, takes away and provides a solution to counter the effect of the malware.

Application security

Software used for business activities needs to be secured because many software applications sometimes are vulnerable and give access to cybercriminals to attack the network.

Behavioral analytics

Behavioral analytics tools help to identify abnormal activities automatically. The cybersecurity team can then rectify the issue before it causes further damage.


Cloud Security

Businesses now use SaaS applications which gives the employee more control. The increase in the cloud network requires serious security. Users now get infected with different malware since the have to connect to the internet which will definitely put their sensitive data at risk.

Data loss prevention

An employee of an organization must be guided so they won’t expose sensitive information through the internet. Data loss can be prevented when technical innovation is adopted and it will not allow people from accessing any sensitive information in a way that can jeopardize the content of the information.

Email security

Emails are very vulnerable. Cybercriminals tend to attack individuals and organizations through malicious emails. Cybercriminals steal people’s personal information and disguise to dupe other people with this information. An email security application will help manage the received and sent emails.


Firewalls use a set of laid down rules to block the users trusted internal network and the outside network that can be trusted. Thereby preventing the internal network from being attacked from outside.

Mobile device security

Mobile devices and applications are not targeted by cybercriminals. It is important to manage the network by controlling the mobile device that can access one’s network.

Author: DeshCyber Security Engineer
March 31, 2020

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