Co-Management SIEM

An SIEM solution combines Information Management (SIEM), Security Information Management (SIEM) and Event Management (SIEM) function within a single security management system.

Security Information & Event Management

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) is a specific technology to analyze threats. This system store interpretation of logs into a central repository for trend analysis purposes. Which allows real-time analysis and security personnel can take defensive action more quickly.

Initial Setup

From SIEM device installation to setting up log sources, we handle all configuration tasks to ensure that your SIEM system is running with optimal performance and is prepared to rapidly respond to any indicators of threat.


Constant Vigilance

Our professionals constantly monitor your IT environment for detecting threats at their very inception. Once a possible threat is detected an alert is issued immediately and suitable remediation steps are invoked.

Regular Maintenance

SIEM is not a one-and-done task and requires regular fine-tuning and monitoring. With Desh Cyber we handle these tasks as well. Our multifarious approach to SIEM results in the delivery of the finest performance from your system.

Effective Communication

Every step we take will be with your confidence and while keeping you in the loop. You can demand regular reports and analyses as per your requirements and our liaison will be sure to provide whatever you need.

Advantages of Co-Managed SIEM

Opting for a co-managed SIEM service has several benefits as opposed to going it alone or hiring third-party services. The following are some of the advantages you get when you share your SIEM task with us

Reduced Workload

Trying to manage your SIEM services entirely in-house is bound to put tremendous pressure on your IT team. This can, in turn, hamper your business processes. Choosing to use a co-managed SIEM takes the pressure off your shoulders and frees up your resources to focus on other critical business issues.

Professional Training

Working with a co-managed SIEM gives your in-house employees a chance to rub shoulders with experienced SIEM professionals who can then train your staff to independently manage your SIEM capabilities in the future.



Accurate Analysis & Response

Our Co-managed SIEM service enhances your SIEM analysis process and provides your organization with quick response capabilities towards threats. We closely scrutinizes your infrastructure for security alerts & uses advanced threat intelligence

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