Active Directory Security Assessment

The Active Directory Security Assessment (ADSA) is a process used to maintain the enterprise security by preventing unauthorized access.

Active Directory Security Assessment

Active Directory is the core of an organization. It consists of all users’ credentials, configuration and authentication files. This information is use to manage admin accounts, users’ credentials and configuration files verification throughout the infrastructure of an IT organization.

AD Membership Visibility

ADSA provides a detailed inventory of administrative and privileged memberships on your existing infrastructure.


Operation & Compliance

Our custom AD Security Assessment provide details report and summary to fullfil your audit and compliances requirement.

Domain Controller Security

Visualize your domain Controller forest to control and get holistic view of existing Infrastructure.

The Active Directory Security Assessment focuses on several key pillars, including:

  • Review of operational processes
  • Review of the privileged accounts/groups membership as well as regular account hygiene
  • Review of the forest and domain trusts
  • Review operating system configuration, security patch, and update levels
  • Review of domain and domain controller configuration compared to Microsoft recommended guidance
  • Review of key Active Directory object permission delegatio

The Active Directory Security assessment is designed to provide you specific actionable guidance to mitigate security risks to your Active Directory and your organization. This solution also provides you with status on your progress relative to Microsoft’s recommended roadmap for Securing Privilege Access (SPA), of which Active Directory is a critical component.

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