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The importance of the standard lies in the fact that it provides organizations with the required knowledge that is needed to protect their digital as well as physical information assets. ISO 27001 certification proves to the clients and business partners that a company has taken the required steps to safeguard their data assets.

The certification can also be acquired by individuals who need to pass a qualifying exam. Any such certification helps employers assess the skills of the applicant in a comprehensive and thorough manner.

As the standard is internationally recognized, it is accepted across industries and can serve to increase business opportunities, not to mention, improve the internal information management systems.

How ISO 27001 Works?

In the modern, cyber-based business environment, all organizations have a number of information security controls in place. But, in the absence of well-developed ISMS, these controls can become somewhat haphazard. In most cases, these security controls focus more on digital data security and leave non-digital data more vulnerable.

The ISO 27001 standard requires that the company management thoroughly examine all information security risks related to the organization. They need to take into account all threats, discover and document vulnerabilities, and assess potential impacts of the same.

After the risks have been recognized, the standard requires the creation and implementation of a well-organized and comprehensive set of information security controls. These should be such that they can take care of the organization’s regular information security needs.

Along with that, the organization is also required to adopt management processes that ensure the continued viability of the security controls put in place. Here it must be remembered that ISO 27001 does not deal with only IT, but goes above and beyond digital to achieve a comprehensive information security structure.

Advantages Of ISO 27001 Compliance 

Creation Of Market Confidence
In today’s world of rampant digital disruption, technologies change at a rapid pace. As a result, it can become difficult to keep track of the entire information flow across the organization. This can lead to information leaks, which can damage the reputation of a business.
The ISO 27001 certification helps to ensure that this doesn’t happen. By putting a secure ISMS culture in place, the certification lets all stakeholders in business know that their information is being handled in a responsible manner.  
This leads to greater market confidence, repeat business, and the retention of long-term clients. It also holds the potential to bring in new customers and forge profitable business relationships. This can have a significant positive impact on the financial health of a business.

Improves Internal Processes
One of the major benefits of the ISO 27001 Certification lies in the fact that it helps to streamline the internal processes of an organization. The certification standards lay down the required guidelines that an organization needs to follow for continued information security and safety.

Avoid Financial Losses And Penalties
An information security breach can result in a massive financial loss of business. Apart from actual, direct financial fraud, information leaks can have negative impacts on the valuation of a business. Plus, it might also invite punitive action, such as fines, from the relevant authorities.

ISO 27001 Certification helps to avoid these problems, and remain compliant with the best practices when it comes to data security. This allows organizations to avoid the massive financial losses that are caused by data breaches.

Lowered Expenses
Though the ISO 27001 certification requires an upfront cost, it actually leads to a lot of lowered expenses in the long run. Thus, though seemingly counterintuitive, getting certified can lead to savings for a business.

Marketing Edge
In today’s world of intense competition, it’s hard to find any differentiating factors that can separate and distinguish a business from the competition. The ISO 27001 certification provides a marketing edge to a business that can attract more customers and improve commercial prospects.

How To Get ISO 27001 Compliant

Getting ISO 27001 certification is not a luxury but a necessity to which businesses need to adhere to. The following are the steps that any business can follow to get certified:

  • Prepare for the certification by going through the entire certification documentation. This helps to get a better understanding of the processes that are to follow. 
  • The necessary documentation now needs to be reviewed and updated.
  • Once the objectives are set, the next needed is a management framework that can help to achieve those objectives.
  • Next, a formal risk assessment must be conducted to identify any risks and vulnerabilities.
  • After the risks have been suitably identified, controls need to be implemented to mitigate these risks.

  • Next, the business needs to establish the context and scope of the certification process, along with defining the exact objective of the same.
  • The staff across all levels of the company should be trained adequately to comply with the processes being established.
  • Once the above steps are completed, then the entire system must be continuously monitored for performance.
  • Internal audits of the ISMS should be conducted at regular intervals.
  • Finally, the organization can apply for the certification.

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