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Desh Cyber

Security Framework

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Defense against the threat by data encapsulations

Penetration Testing

Know your environment before hacking find out - DeshCyber Penetration services provide you to assess vulnerabilities & remediation action plan

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EndPoint Detection & Response ( EDR)

Track, monitor, and analyze endpoint to enhance security posture-listen data from the source point-Let DeshCyber EDR Solutions to Mitigate your Risk

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Vulnerability Management

Assessing assets for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations across your complete attack surface is challenging due to diverse asset types.

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Manage Application Security

During a cyber incident, we respond to our client proactively, and we work closely to craft a response plan, define communication lines among the appropriate parties.

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Security Monitoring

DeshCyber Engineer enables your security posture and flexible out-of-the-box or customizable Security log correlations, searches and helps detailed visualizations of your machine data with real-time monitoring capabilities.

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CyberOne | Umbrella Security

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